Jan. 23rd, 2009

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First one being, appropriately enough, Ravelry-related.  I love Ravelry so much, in part because it's wonderful to be in a place where so many people are goofy in such a compatible and generous way.  One thread on the forum I was just checking out was called "Inaugural Scarves", and sure enough, people who'd been glued to their televisions throughout the day, often in tears, had been noting the fantastic knit-wear being sported by attendees.  And sharing ideas for patterns similar to some of them, along with clips of special moments other people had missed.  I loved this one of the John Williams piece being played by a frozen-looking quartet.  Really lovely (and note the fingerless gloves on the hands of the Venezuelan pianist!).  I tried to find a picture of the teal blue knitted hat Natalie Morales was wearing on the day, for everyone's enjoyment, but failed.

Also very much enjoyed the clip of Jon Stewart's take on the inaguration which I saw on Robin Brande's blog.  The wheelchair comment cracked me up.

In terms of things which might actually have cracked me up on a more permanent basis, last night I happened to notice that Younger Daughter's bedside lamp (which is *still* acting as her only room light, so rubbish am I at getting things fixed around here) had somehow shed the cover to the plug.  It looked -- ominous -- plugged in and the lamp on and all the innards showing, so I decided to see if I could find the cover, which should just snap back on.  So, I leant over the bed (where the plug-strip was residing) to see if it had fallen down behind the bed -- it had indeed - and managed to put my hand directly on the plug.  Nasty shock ensued.  Nasty.  And boy, they don't use the word 'shock' for what happens when you get too much electricity going through you, lightly or ill-advisedly.  Anyway, I appear not to have managed to fry too much of my brain while zapping my hand... 

Nearly finished reading Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye, by Alison Goodman, which I picked up in Bristol airport, and it's kind of doing my head in.  I like it, and will certainly be eager to read the (inevitable) sequel, but I'm starting to realise it's a very odd mix.  Dragons and the special few who can commune with them, and essentially control them -bit standard fantasy.  A fantasy world 'inspired by' the history and culture of ancient China and Japan - not as standard, in YA, anyway.  Protagonist a girl pretending to be a boy because *only* boys can become Dragoneyes - or pretty much anything else, except wife/courtesan.  Not only standard fantasy fare, but part of an arc of the story that really is quite predictable.  And yet, within that, the consideration of gender and sex is anything BUT standard or predictable.  Will have more to say when I've finished, but part of what's throwing me is the mix of the common 'chosen one who will have to save the world' with a society so deeply classist and misogynistic that saving it seems barely worth the effort - except of course, that the peasants and servants would always suffer along with whichever ruling faction loses - and following three main characters who are, let's say, very 'gender-fluid' in a hideously gender-rigid society...  Well, it's sometimes an uncomfortable mix.


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