Date: 2009-02-01 04:06 pm (UTC)
Towards the end, she has to tell someone about her pretence and thinks "I did not want to be a girl before him. I did not want to become less." It's shocking, but it's certainly something she might well think in this world. And it will be very interesting indeed to see where this goes in the next book, as this world is horribly out of balance - and even if some of that balance is restored by Eona's input of female power, it can hardly change everything. The person she has to reveal herself to - one of the more 'enlightened' of the people with power - tells her 'That was a low blow. [...] You have a woman's sense of honour." Ouch. How can that be fixed? Or the fact that cripples are regarded as bad-luck and shunned or abused for it? Or that people are property?

This is first-person, right? So there's no 'perspective' on it by the narrator? Is there even any sense that Eon(a) finds the current state of affairs fundamentally unjust, or is she just trying to do the best she can in a system she regards as right or at least inevitable?

It strikes me that you can have an unreliable narrator work much more unambiguously in a book like Huckleberry Finn, set in our world, because we know that there are other perspectives on slavery than Huck's; but if (as perhaps in the world of this book) the language and cultural mechanisms for that critique do not exist, even to be conscious of a injustice may involve reading self-consciously from outside that world altogether. (If that makes any sense?)
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